Imans Review on Girls

Imans Review on Girls the TV show S1


A group of girl friends go about living there lives in the big city of new you. The main character being Hanna a post grad writer whom can’t seem to come to finishing her book.

My Review

The over show is a very engaging show that feels perfect at the twenty to half hour mark appose to a hour spot. The twenty or half hour mark lets the show end with in enough time for you to get connected to the topics of the episode. While at the same time ending off where you want to see more of the show but before you can get bored of it. All of the Characters flow so well with each others stories while not having any confusing aspects to the show. Even though Hanna is the main Character, it feels as if all the characters half an equal spot in the effort of the depth of there stories. Overall I give the show 8.3 in all areas.


Some thing i Didn’t like was that the pilot of the show was and hour long which made it feel to long and got boring a little bit. The second episode had that same boring kind of feel to it but with out being as long of an episode. I didn’t feel that any of the other episodes on in the S1 of this show had that issue. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that they were not interesting they were just dry in the sense of action verses the building of the story.

IM∆N review of I’m Still Hear

This film right off the bat is very inter tanning in a very boring way. which is why I always use my role no mater what watch the whole thing. because with film you never know and i am sure that this is a film that proves it. I gave this film a 2 out of 5 on my Netflix which after thinking about the movie its purpose sinks in. My grade for this film now is a 8 as a whole the story was a 7.1 and acting was a solid 8.5. grate acting in this film. 

( usually this would not be spoiler material but given the type of file its a grey area ) 

( I do not want to spoil this film for any one so if you really hate spoiler please read after watching the film. if you don’t please read. ether way please read,)

there are parts of the movie the film that were to make it seem real that i felt could have been left out. Although i knew going in it was not a real documentary it still felt like on until the end. I really like the issues they address in the film of media as a whole and making peoples live a big joke for others to enjoy. So many things that the movie talks about or better yet expresses to the world and exposes to our eyes


so i really am going to try doing reviews more. whether or not anyone reads them ? no idea

Review of Big Nothing 2006

Big Nothing 2006

Written by. Billy Asher and Jean-Baptiste Andrea

Summary from IMDB (ps i will star writing my own summary soon)

Charlie is an ex-teacher turned reluctant call center employee who gets fired on the first day. Distraught on being unable to provide for his daughter Emily and cop wife, Penelope, he is suddenly contacted by Gus, an aspiring scam artist who presents Charlie with a seemingly snag-free plan to make some cash: Blackmail Reverend Smalls a man of the cloth, who’s frequently turned up in the company database of visitors to illegal porn-sites. Gus plans on extorting Reverend Smalls, with the intention of publicly exposing his secret shame, should he refuse, with this scandal potentially destroying the man’s career. Normally cautious Charlie, is keen on participating in this scam, confident that with this money maker he’ll garner from the deal and will finally help turn things around for him and his family. Joined by one-time teenage pageant queen Josie McBroom Gus’s ex, the plan goes ahead…but it all goes wrong as Reverend Smalls dies…thanks to this trio, with this only being the start of their troubles.

My Review

Big Nothing is a wonderful movie in my opinion. note I do very so much enjoy raunch, raunchy comedies from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. my over all score of Big Nothing is a 7.9 because its a grate film and all but it dose how ever lack a few small things. 1 the ever so good side of acting skills of Simon Pegg. Which caused this movie to not reach it’s full potential. How ever i do think that David Schwimmer was at his best I’d ever seen him in this movie, although i was not an avid watcher of friends. The editing of this movie was pretty good above the average so i scored Big Nothing’s editing at an 8.0. and for the story i gave it an 7.6 because it was really good and twist filed but it lack a unf ending to it. (given this is the 3rd or 4th time i’ve watched this movie the unf may have warred off.)


Don’t have much to say about this movie but why wasn’t there a sequel or spin off so we could see who kills whom in the end. they could have even added that to the end of the movie and had charlie no a cure for the Poisson he drinks so he lives with his family but still losses him mummery so it would still be realistic or what ever. 

Simon Pegg suck in this movie not completely but i have seen him do way better jobs like in Shaun of the Dead which to me had to same type of feel but overall i loved a recommend you watch this movie if you have not.  



Hey to any one who cares i’m sorry for the delay and i will get right back to doing reviews thanks for reading

Review on The Graduate

Summary of the film

(Summary from IMDB)

Ben has recently graduated college, with his parents now expecting great things from him. At his “Homecoming” party, Mrs. Robinson, the wife of his father’s business partner, has Ben drive her home, which leads to an affair between the two. The affair eventually ends, but comes back to haunt him when he finds himself falling for Elaine, Mrs. Robinson’s daughter. Written by Zac Abrams  

My Review

The Graduate was a really good film that had the feel of an early 70’s movie. Which was most likely do to the film being originally in black and white and late having color added to it. Side not i really miss the grain that was in movies back then as well for how short the credits were. I would say the story was about a 7.5 because of a very slight twist that i would not have expected at all; Plus this film was pretty predictable without me reading the story-line before watching it. The editing of this film I would give a 8 or 8.4 just for the smoothness of the transitions and every thing else that was done to create the film. Overall grade of the film was a 8.0.

After you have seen the film, Comments i had

(so i don’t spoil the movie for you or if you don’t care about spoiler please read.)

why did the pic a main actor that does not look like an average American boy in the 60’s. first off he looks like he does not look 20 he looks like his mid 20’s. Plus he looks like hes Italian, like full Italian an from what i remember most kid in the 60’s didn’t look like him at all. But hay maybe that was the point that the director was trying to get across that all american are not blonde haired and blue eye; but don’t quote me on that just a speculation of why the might have done such.

why would a 20 year old man not want to have sex with a lady that is throwing here self at you, i under-stud maybe not in those circumstances but then to act like a babbling 10 year old just saw a monster for the first time after she show you her breast come on man. did all men act like that back then when they saw breast for the first time? did all me sleep in the nude back then and women had to where slips that is so sexist if so.

Every thing that dealt with Mrs. Robinson was predictable only thing is why do we never find out her first name shouldn’t you tell someone your being intimate with your name and have them call by that rather then your last name. 

Why did Mr. Robinson react toward Ben in the way i would have expected him to react to his wife. like the I’m discussed with you do touch me kind of mood, when he should of been in the I’m going to pound your face in kind of mood it just didn’t really make much since.

Most thing dealing Elaine were predictable except for the part at the end were she fully goes throw with marrying the make out king (don’t remember his real name) but then still runs off with Ben.